I am a bright, cheerful and positive person. I live life to the fullest ! I love enjoying life, smiling, laughing and having fun … I like people with a predilection for extraordinary people!

I am an epicurean girl, fond of good food and totally confortable with this and with my natural curves  ! 

I’m totally keen of Color  in every possible angle  : bright, intense, pastel, fluoresent and others … !  I do really have a great passion and enthousiasm  for Fashion in general  (clothes, shoes,  fashion accessories , jewelry …)

I enjoy associate favourites outfits to the « Street life » style expression ! 

My best verbs choices are  discover, test, advise and share of course ! I’m said to get an infectius optimism and sometimes congratulated for my natural empathy ! 

Anyway …who am I ?

Modestly and joyfully Nadine ! A real typical Parisian girl with Haitian origins totally inspired  by all the richness of Paris , our great « Ville Lumière ».

You can find on my blog, my favorite fashion things, beauty advices and other « nadineries. « .

You’re welcome on my blog and feel free to add me on social networks … Just bury yourself in my world, with abandon …The only direction to take is : @ Nadinez you!

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